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  • Flashback blog day 6 part one

    Jan 17, 2018

    Alyssa Sperrazza Oklahoma Baptist Is a journalist ever objective? Well, for the better part of the morning, we discussed the recognition that everything we do, whether intended or not, falls short of being objective. What words we use, how you cover a story, what photos you use… even the stories we chose to write and the ones we skip over expose our lack of objectivity. It... more >

  • Flashback blog day 5 part 2

    Jan 13, 2018

    Nathan Ecarma – PM Bryan College Advisors say life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Well, here at WJI, it’s both. Yesterday, Nick Eicher briefed us on radio journalism. And today, we put what we were taught into practice. At least, that was the plan. At lunch, Sarah Wedel, WJI alumna, spoke to us. While I’m sure she had sound advice for us, I preoccup... more >

  • College Course 20 Application

    Jan 8, 2018

    There was an issue with the College Course Application not working. This issue has been fixed you are now able to apply.    If you still have issues with the process please feel free to email us at office@worldji.com. more >

  • Flashback Blog day 5 part one

    Jan 6, 2018

    Melissa Woodford Reformation Bible Late-night hours of analyzing legal details paid off this morning at WJI’s thrilling mock press conference. Legal advocates Caleb Dalton and Jordan Lorence from Alliance Defending Freedom arrived at 9 AM. Although the actual Supreme Court case in consideration occurred last month on April 19th, the advocates posed as if they had just desce... more >

  • Happy New Year

    Dec 31, 2017

    Have a Happy and Safe New Year, from everyone at WJI. more >

  • Flashback Blog day four part 2

    Dec 28, 2017

    Andrew Hanchett Washington State At lunchtime, the cafeteria staff served all the flavors of Hispanic cooking. The meal was made perfect with churros – a wonderful combination of ingredients that must be a gift (or a curse) from the gods of the Aztec and Mayans. As we ate, we listened to Lynde Langdon, WORLD’s digital editor, discuss the importance of discipline in th... more >

  • Merry Chirstmas

    Dec 25, 2017

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from everyone at WJI. We look forward to starting another great year soon. more >

  • Flashback Blog day four part one

    Dec 13, 2017

    Nathaniel Howard Johnson University  This morning, we shifted focus from print news to broadcast journalism. Nick Eicher, radio director for World took over at the podium. This part of the course poses a particular area of interest for me. Although I have recently worked primarily in print, radio was the medium that first sparked my pursuit of journalism. Last night I inexpl... more >

  • Flashback Blog Day 3 part 2

    Dec 7, 2017

    Kendall McCullough Baylor  This afternoon fellow World Journalism students and I hunkered down together to write profiles of each other. Each of us alone in our toil but together in spirit. This unseen bond encouraged me to strive forward when creative juices waned and my words failed me. After hours of revising I had had enough. I retreated to the snack room where lo and behold... more >

  • WJI 2017 Flashback blog day three

    Dec 2, 2017

    Andy Wilson   University of South Carolina   This morning Marvin Olasky launched into his series of profiles of Christian journalists, beginning with St. Luke. He discussed how prior religious writers were like modern PR people, stretching the truth or omitting inconvenient facts to accommodate their agenda. Luke was among the first to aim for objectivity, care... more >