WJI Buzz - WJI Belz Fellow from PerĂº Joins Journalists in Denver

Jul 12, 2010

WJI Belz Fellow from Perú Joins Journalists in Denver

by Lynne Castañeda Flores


Denver, CO--The city of Denver, which is surrounded by majestic mountains, was the scene of one of the most important journalism events in the United States. "El Grito Across the Rockies" was the slogan for the 28th Annual NAHJ Multimedia Convention & Career Expo, held June 23-26.

More than 1000 journalists, students, executives of the major media, television networks and political representatives attended four days of intense dialogue, training and exchanges of experiences in order to retain and improve the abilities and skills of Hispanic journalists.

The convention took place in the Denver Convention Center and training was given in both English and Spanish language.

Social networks and technology were among the essential subjects presented, because journalists today must know how to handle these helpful tools, which can also be very dangerous when misused.

Each seminar, beyond teaching and training, confronted and encouraged attendees to realize that Hispanics are a fundamental part of society who help to create public opinion. Thus, they were challenged to continue get training to lead businesses with excellence. In a society full of conflicts and competition, the journalists were encouraged to make their own paths, set goals and get training.

Although media companies are currently going through crises that lead them to lay off many workers, the recruitment of journalists by the most important media enterprises in the country was one of the most anticipated activities by many students and journalists who attended the job fair well prepared to compete and achieve the desired positions.

The four days provided benefit in the professional ambit as well as in fellowship and establishing contact with colleagues from various countries. NAHJ prepared daily environments where between seminars journalists could share lunch and dinner, which allowed them to build relationships of friendship and share experiences that will surely be very useful.

Lynne Casteñada Flores, a journalist from Lima, Perú, was chosen by the World Journalism Institute to attend the convention as a recipient of the Belz International Media Fellowship. She received one of 10 fellowship stipends of $2,500 to attend the annual convention of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists (June 23-26, Denver, Colorado) or the annual convention of the National Association of Black Journalists (July 28 - August 1, San Diego, California).

Commenting on the convention, Flores said, “I am very pleased to have participated in this event, where I met many Hispanic colleagues and compatriots who work in such an important country like the United States. Also, I learned a little more about American culture and the work of Hispanic journalists in the U.S. Although Peruvian society is very different, we share many experiences that are similar. And of course, there are things in common that identify us as journalists beyond the borders or boundaries that countries have.

“We have an important work to carry out. For many people we are the glass through which they can see the more hidden news. The convention challenged us to continue with our work, to always be ahead, and to be ourselves the creators of opportunities. We have the tools in our hands; every day we acquire knowledge, we must only be prepared to make good journalism."

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