WJI Buzz - Dunn, Harrison, Keyes, Olasky

Nov 30, 2011

Laura Dunn (06) is assistant editor at Southern Boating Magazine in South Florida and is studying to earn her M.A. degree in New Media Journalism at Full Sail University in Orlando. Dunn is a graduate of Wheaton College and can be reached at forreal511@gmail.com.

James Harrison (08) is a staff writer at Nooga.com in Chattanooga, Tenn., covering politics and education. Harrison is a graduate of Covenant College and can be reached at jharrison22001@gmail.com.

William Keyes (speaker 02) is president of theInstitute for Responsible Citizenship, which is now accepting applications for its Youth Scholar Academy (YSA). This program recruits black male college students to manage a college enrichment program for high school boys. Keyes can be reached at wkeyes@i4rc.org.

Marvin Olasky (WJI Dean) has written several graphic novels, including his latest, Echoes of Eden. Olasky can be reached at molasky@worldmag.com.

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