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Press Release - Calling All College Students with a Passion for Writing

Apr 3, 2012


Beaver Falls, PA, April 3, 2012—If you are a Christian student journalist in western Pennsylvania or eastern Ohio with a passion for writing, circle April 17, 2012, as an important date.

World Journalism Institute, in conjunction with WORLD on Campus, will be conducting a series of free journalism seminars at Geneva College in Beaver Falls, Penn., for Christian college journalists in the area who want to develop their skills as journalists.

The half-day conference, entitled “The Skills and Worldview of the Christian Journalist,” is designed to help students improve the skills necessary to integrate a passion for Christ with a passion for great journalism.

The seminar leaders will be Warren Cole Smith, associate publisher of WORLD magazine; Leigh Jones, editor; and Edward Lee Pitts, reporter and Washington Bureau Chief for WORLD magazine.

Seminar sessions will cover topics such as the basics of news writing, including story structure; common mistakes made by beginning journalists, and how to avoid them; basic interviewing skills, including a few tricks of the trade; how to integrate a Christian worldview into the practice of journalism; and how to write for

Following the seminar sessions there will be a free pizza dinner for all participants.

The World Journalism Institute ( is a division of the World News Group with the mission to recruit, equip, place and encourage Christian journalists in the newsrooms of America and the world. World on Campus is a news website for college students looking for news from a perspective that will help them develop a Christian worldview.  The World News Group also includes WORLD magazine and World Radio.

To register for the journalism conference at Geneva College, go to and select “Programs.”  Scroll down to the Geneva College Conference.


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