WJI Buzz - Chu, Bottum, Reneau, Bushatz

Jan 29, 2013

Elbert Chu (2010) worked last summer for Popular Science magazine, and they published the October issue online which included bylined articles on military grade binoculars, how to stop the next pandemic, and how the Navy's new warships strike land- based targets from 75 miles away.

Joseph Bottom (WJI speaker ’09, ‘10) is a widely published essayist and poet, with work in magazines and newspapers from the Atlantic to the Wall Street Journal. Jody is the author of bestselling Kindle singles from “The Gospel According to Tim” to “Dakota Christmas” (revised and expanded as part of his new seasonal volume, The Christmas Plains). Bottom is the former literary editor of the Weekly Standard and former editor in chief of the journal First Things. His books include his latest poetry collection, The Second Spring.

Michael Reneau (2006) is a weekly columnist for WORLD on Campus (worldoncampus.com). He and his wife, Julie, recently had another son: Miles Paul Reneau, born in September 2012. Their other son, Jesse Thomas, is almost two.

Amy Doolittle Bushatz (2004) had a son back in March 2012 - Huck Willoughby Bushatz. He is now almost a year old!

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