WJI Buzz - Miltenberger, Wise, Sandford, Hackett

Mar 16, 2013

Molly Ellen Miltenberger (2010) will be getting married in July 2013 to the Rev. Gordon Murray and moving to Lairg, Scotland. They met when Molly attended the Creative Writing Course at the summer school of Exeter College in Oxford in 2012. Molly is a graduate of New St. Andrews College.

Holly Wise (2004) started a news nonprofit organization called VoiceBox Media. Its mission is to embed journalists with other nonprofits and nongovernmental organizations to tell the stories of the work they're doing abroad and in the United States. They are recruiting freelance journalists for possible trips later. Holly is a graduate of Murray State University.

Kendra Sandford (2001) is currently working as an ESL teacher and marketing assistant at a small language institute in a traditional Middle Eastern town. Her institute is often looking for native English speakers to teach for two months or twenty years! It could be a great opportunity for journalism and communications people who are looking to develop their first-hand understanding of Middle Eastern and Muslim culture. The summer teaching term runs June 29-August 9. Kendra is a graduate of Trinity College.

Kara Hackett (2012) is an intern at Fox News in New York City. Kara is a graduate of Taylor University.

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