WJI 2015 Day 3: Capturing Asheville

May 20, 2015

WJI — Day 4: Capturing Asheville
By Kirkland An
There are so many adjectives to attribute to Asheville, but one that stands out is: hipster. 
As AJ Pyatt described his town, "It is just so hipster, but it knows it and embraces it." AJ Pyatt is an African American street performer with a smile that catches the eye and a tenor voice that breaks through the twang of his red acoustic guitar. He was one of the dozens of buskers we encountered on our excursion to downtown Asheville today, led by the fearless Tiffany Owens, photographer and journalist extraordinaire. 
Her quirky humor and smile put us at ease, and her ruthless honesty kept us grounded. And with her guidance, we discovered a city right under our noses that some of us had discarded as "small-town." 
AJ had it right. Asheville is incredibly hipster, meaning something that "follows the latest trends and fashions, especially those regarded as being outside the cultural mainstream." Bam. Asheville in a sentence. 
The city's off-beat, but up-tempo mood gave birth to some interesting outfits, cleverly named bars, and beautiful scenery. All with the North Carolinian mountains as a backdrop. 
It's impossible to only talk about Asheville and photo-taking, so here are some of the students' photographs for your viewing pleasure. All of the photographs have been critiqued and guided in some way by Tiffany Owens, who offered her professional advice and skills to make us better, well-rounded journalists. 

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