WJI 2015 Day 8: The Compelling power of stories

May 26, 2015

WJI 8: The Compelling Power of Stories

By Onize Ohikere

At WJI, we are constantly reminded of the importance of letting the Bible shape our journalistic perspectives.

Jamie Dean, a WORLD editor, took it a step further: The Bible teaches us that God created us to be compelled by stories.

I agree.

The Bible contains some well written stories like that of Joseph. In them, we see people who die "mini-deaths," only to find themselves in Christ. It's our duty as journalists to find that redemptive thread and tell that story, as Dean explained.

She shared her experience as an international reporter and tips that have been helpful. We listened, captivated, as she told stories of her time at Mexico, Egypt, and many other countries. It inspiring when an experienced journalist refers to her job as a calling.

We got a chance to try our hands at telling compelling stories under a deadline. We felt the pressure as we scrambled around the office, searching for a quiet place to call our sources for our AP rewrites. The experience taught us some lessons on how to better approach assignments within a timeframe, considering how some of us didn't meet the deadline.

The mistakes, successes, and inspiring ideas we encounter as we learn, are a big part of what makes this program amazing. We are moved by the stories of others and it becomes our responsibility to compel others to feel the same way.

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