Recent WJI alum now reporting on Africa

Feb 3, 2016

Onize Ohikere just graduated from the World Institute last summer, but she already finds herself covering Africa. She writes daily stories for World Magazine’s website.
So far she’s covered disease and civil war in Nigeria, the slums in Kenya, Mozambique refugees, Tunisia’s fledgling democracy, Ethiopia’s drought, Congo adoptions, and Tanzanian elections. And that has just been since January. Onize attended college in Minnesota, but expects to return back to her Nigerian home to continue working as a journalist.
Here is what she said about her experience with the World Journalism Institute last May: 
“My time at WJI showed me there shouldn’t be a distinction between my faith and my job.
With each task we worked on under the real-life pressure of time constraints, I learned to apply “biblical objectivity” to every story. From mock press conferences on controversial issues to searching out the Christian values in a story, the program facilitators taught us to stand by God’s word in our writing while remaining unbiased.
The program helped me become a better multimedia journalist who writes with my Christian faith as a guidebook as we worked with photography, video, and print journalism.”
Click on here to read some of Onize’s stories. 
And click here to apply to join the WJI team for this summer. Who knows what you could be covering this time next year? 

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