WJI Buzz - Godawa, Keyes, Ziegler, Barrs, Middelmann, Keyes

Dec 3, 2010

Brian Godawa (WJI speaker 03-04) co-wrote the movie "Change Your Life!"and it is now available on DVD from Amazon. The film pokes fun at multi-level marketing and get-rich-quick schemes.

William Keyes (WJI speaker 02) is president of the Institute for Responsible Citizenship, which prepares high-achieving African American men for successful careers in business, law, government, public service, education, journalism, the sciences, medicine, ministry, and the arts. The institute is now accepting applications for the class of 2012, on a rolling basis through January 7, 2011. To learn more, visit www.i4rc.org.

John Ziegler (WJI speaker 09) announces that his documentary film “Media Malpractice... How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Targeted"has been re-released with 45 minutes of new features and is available nationally via major stores and video and cable on demand (Amazon, Netflix, Time Warner Cable, etc.)

The book, Francis Schaeffer: A Mind and Heart for God, edited by Bruce Little (P&R, 2010) is based on a series of talks at a 2008 conference held by the Russ Bush Center for Faith and Culture (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary). Our own Jerram Barrs (author of WJI required reading) wrote two of the five chapters. The others are by Udo Middelmann (WJI 2011 Francis Schaeffer Scholar), Ranald Macaulay, and Dick Keyes (WJI teacher 03-04).

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