WJI 2016 Blog - Day Five - Radio "D-Day"

May 19, 2016

Hosanna Gonzales

Bob Jones University

We hit the ground running on Day 4—or what I like to call “Radio D-Day.”

Having crammed information about the complex case “Zubik vs. Burwell” into our heads the night before, my carpooling group was particularly quiet during the 10-minute drive from Sweet Peas to World’s headquarters. I was excited for the day, but felt like my grasp of the material was tenuous.

But no need to worry—Nick Eicher spent the morning hammering out the important details of the story with his smooth-as-butter voice. Marvin Olasky also gave some additional comments to help us frame the story biblically.

We inhaled lunch and prepared a list of questions for our mock press conference with two lawyers from Alliance Defending Freedom. It was a chance to walk through the entire process of a radio rap, including getting our own raw soundbites.

The press conference step went by in a blur of questions and crowding together to push our dinky microphones close to the lawyers’ faces. Then we scattered around the World office to work on our scripts. This step was trickier than I expected since it required a kind of writing that translates well to speaking it over the radio.

Side note: Getting a taste of storytelling through radio has made me SO much more appreciative of both radio and podcasts! I can’t imagine the amount of work that goes into hour-long podcasts like “This American Life.”

Day 4 was incredibly stretching. But I left amazed with the patience of our WJI instructors who worked with us one-on-one on our scripts. I’ve learned so much over the past few days, but the overriding impression is the humility of WORLD’s employees.

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