WJI 2016 Blog - Day Thirteen - That's A Wrap!

May 28, 2016

Madeline Fry

Hillsdale College

I would try to sum up the first 12 days at WJI, but they’ve taught me that you can never tell the story, you can only tell a story.

We journalists report cold, hard facts. So here they are:

On Saturday morning, we took our seats in the AC-heavy, green-carpeted 18’x20’ conference room. After gorging on famous Asheville biscuits topped with various jellies, we watched the videos we spent yesterday filming. Audio snippets from interviews played over video clips of the Asheville residents we found: a WWII bugler, the manager of a bike and beer shop, a drug-addict-turned-street-poet.

Check out Madeline’s video journalism project in Asheville 

with partners Onize Ohikere and Savannah Petree.

Eyelids fluttered with fatigue: a 1-3 minute visual narrative can take an entire day (and much of the night) to film and edit. But after seeing each story, no one was too tired to clap.

With the close of the last video, we were done. And as the interns shared goodbyes, they promised to keep in touch with the friends they would miss after less than two weeks together.

I would say that this course has been enriching, challenging, and formative. But it’s taught me that we journalists don’t abuse adjectives. At WJI, we stretched our comfort zones, explored the responsibilities of a journalist, and substituted adjectives with strong verbs.

As they say in radio—and I know this, because we spent one day studying it—that’s a wrap.

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