WJI 2017 Blog Day 4 PM: Obtaining the wreath of a storyteller

May 17, 2017

Andrew Hanchett

Washington State

At lunchtime, the cafeteria staff served all the flavors of Hispanic cooking. The meal was made perfect with churros – a wonderful combination of ingredients that must be a gift (or a curse) from the gods of the Aztec and Mayans.

As we ate, we listened to Lynde Langdon, WORLD’s digital editor, discuss the importance of discipline in the life of a journalist. 

At that moment, I remind myself why I’m here. The food is great, but for two weeks my wife will be home alone so that I can be a better reporter.

The apostle Paul disciplined his body and kept it under control for to obtain a prize—the imperishable wreath. At WJI, I fight to keep my body under control for the purpose of obtaining the wreath of a storyteller.

I reject that extra bite to preserve mental energy and focus on Nick Eicher’s thirteen tips for radio broadcasting.

Due to a tornado warning, we continue our work in a shelter classroom. There, I resist the urge to distract myself for updates on the weather.

Later, I forfeit a few hours of sleep to prepare for tomorrow, but make sure I get enough rest to face new challenges in the morning.

But most importantly, every moment I fight the thoughts that tell me I will never wear the wreath. 


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