WJI 2017 Blog Day 8: Our Purpose Here

May 21, 2017

Lauren Leising

University of Georgia 

Sunday brings with it a chance to pause and take a deep breath. To be still. For me, Sundays are when I reflect on the week and allow myself a much needed rest.

Today, going to worship and then exploring Sioux Falls, South Dakota provided that space to process and store up all we have learned. Having time to walk around the beautiful park, try a new coffee shop and enjoy deep conversations with these new friends brought such joy to my heart.

This morning in church, we studied Acts 18:24-28, the story of Apollos and the beginnings of his ministry in Ephesus. Apollos was a young, passionate and well-educated man who “spoke and taught accurately the things concerning Jesus, though he knew only the baptism of John.” Two leaders in the Ephesian church, Priscilla and Aquilla, took Apollos aside and mentored him, teaching him more about Jesus and correcting him as needed.

Rather than becoming offended at their correction, Apollos took everything they said eagerly and was willing to be groomed and nurtured by those older and wiser before he was sent out to continue his ministry. This story was so applicable to us this morning as we are preparing to launch into the second week of WJI.

Over the last six days, we have received instruction from teachers who possess wisdom and experience not only in areas of journalism but also in their walk of faith. They willingly give their time and energy to lead our class times or to call in during lunch so that we can hear their experiences.

As we move forward in this week, I hope to be reminded daily of our purpose here: to learn and ask questions. Just like Apollos, we must take everything we learn to heart so that we can then be sent out fully equipped to do the work God has set before us. 

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