WJI 2017 Blog Day 9 PM: Exploring video journalism

May 22, 2017

Anna Smith

Covenant College 

We are entering week two of WJI. Somehow it feels like we’ve always been here at Dordt, hearing the clock tower’s bells and sniffing the faint scent of cow manure in the air. And after going to the Orange City Tulip Festival on Saturday, I’m wishing that I were Dutch. Dordt and Sioux Center have grown on me.

Prof. Volkers gave us a crash course in videography this afternoon. I’ve never done anything like this before. It was a bit overwhelming. We’ll see how filming our video goes tomorrow!

Prof. Volkers told us “the medium is really important.” You can’t just read a print news story over the radio or on video. You have to change things up so they work with the medium you are using, whether it’s print, video, or radio. Mr. Eicher talked about this too when we talked about radio. While I’m used to newswriting, I’ve never done radio or video before. It’s been a stretching and sometimes stressful experience, but it’s also been really good to learn about these other mediums of journalism.

There’s so much to consider with video. You have to learn how to use the equipment and adjust the white balance and lighting to get the picture right. Then you film, taking into consideration rule the rule of thirds and other aspects of composition. Then you edit, combining, condensing, correcting, and constructing the video you’ve taken into a finished product.

On top of that, you also need to make sure that the video is entertaining enough that people will keep watching. That’s something that’s important in other mediums too, but Prof. Volkers stressed it today.

I’ve often thought that it would be good to learn how to create video, but until now I’ve never explored it at all. I’m glad for the push into it—even though I’ll only be able to do something very basic this week, I plan to keep exploring and working on it after I leave WJI. 

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