Flashback to WJI 2017 Day One Blog

Nov 21, 2017

Danny Mooers 

Dordt College 


The first day of anything is always going to be emotional. Everyone remembers their first day of high school or the beginning of college orientation. These days are full of anticipation and little details rarely go unnoticed.


I still remember what I ate for lunch on my first day of high school and will never forget my science teachers rousing speech to all of the incoming freshmen. We were at the bottom of the totem pole again and dreamed of the days where we would rule the school during senior year.  


The first day of WJI was one of the easier firsts I have ever had. It helps that everyone here has the same mindset and goals. We want to leave the cornfields of Sioux Center, Iowa as better journalists and more well-rounded kingdom citizens.


The more I go to new places and experience new “firsts” the more similarities I see between them all. The first few days with any new group of people are likely entertaining for anyone outside of the group to witness. Everyone puts on their best face and goes well out of their way to introduce themselves to each other.


People’s natural tendencies to want to fit in are in full force during these early days. Feeling people out and determining what people to associate with are some of the more stressful parts of the adventure.


Being the one student in the group from Dordt College gives me an advantage, but also takes away from the excitement of going to a new place. During our scavenger hunt throughout Sioux Center, I had to field questions like “Is literally nothing is open on Sunday’s?” or “That is your mall?”


A professor of mine once said great journalism can be done anywhere. It doesn’t matter how small or dull an area may seem, there are always stories to be told. Let’s see what this group can uncover in this fantastic, beautifully underrated town in Northwest Iowa.

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