Flashback Blog Day 3 part 2

Dec 7, 2017

Kendall McCullough


This afternoon fellow World Journalism students and I hunkered down together to write profiles of each other. Each of us alone in our toil but together in spirit. This unseen bond encouraged me to strive forward when creative juices waned and my words failed me. After hours of revising I had had enough. I retreated to the snack room where lo and behold, fellow writers stood escaping their projects in unity. We talked about the struggle of creating a story rather than a factual info sheet. While guilty that we forsook our writing, our numbers unwittingly brought us feelings of grace. We realized that our struggles were not unique to ourselves, but shared collectively.

            Mr. Pitts and Pulliam’s critiques were fair and straightforward. They gave us the truth, but in a loving instead of critical manner. Their easygoing manner helped ease the emotions that so often overwhelm young writers such as ourselves. Thankfully we had till five to complete the profiles. We all made the deadline, breathing a collective sigh of relief. We had lived through the trenches and made it out alive.

            For our hard work, we were rewarded with a fun evening of pool, air hockey, and bowling. These leisurely activities helped us bond even more, though we had done so remarkably quickly already.

            Finally, we ended the night with our traditional news huddle. Mr. Pitts gave his experience as a student journalist and then an Iraqi war reporter. He explained the principles he has learned in journalism as five Pitts Ps.

1.      Persistence – when doors close, find a way

2.      Presence – be among the people you’re covering

3.      People – they are in Christ’s image, recognize their humanity

4.      Prepared – think ahead, game plan

5.      Prayer

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