Flashback Blog day four part one

Dec 13, 2017

Nathaniel Howard

Johnson University 

This morning, we shifted focus from print news to broadcast journalism. Nick Eicher, radio director for World took over at the podium. This part of the course poses a particular area of interest for me. Although I have recently worked primarily in print, radio was the medium that first sparked my pursuit of journalism.

Last night I inexplicably struggled to sleep, but I battled my sleepiness to, for the most part, attentively listen to the subject matter. I revisited a passion for radio that first led me to become a Communication major in school and intern at a local station.

I'll talk about some of the lecture that stood out to me.

First off, Eicher reminded me that, unlike print, broadcast journalism is linear. The producer should portray thoughts in a concise pattern that does not leave the listener lacking in information or struggling to recall facts.

Eicher also stressed the importance of ambient sound, which places the listener in the environment. The journalist should be present and recording when action pertinent to the broadcast occurs.

These two things, along with a reminder to use active voice helped me immensely with my grasp of radio news reporting.

I'm excited to shift to hands-on learning tomorrow as we take on a project examining the Trinity vs. Comer legal case.

Just a note on this week in general: I came here with a job already lined up and I wasn't sure if the trip to Iowa and time off from work would be worth the benefit, but I no longer have my doubts. Meeting other people with similar passions and honing my skills have already given me a refreshed passion for journalism. This has been a worthy experience that I would recommend to anyone considering this field. I will find it hard to leave, but I know I will leave as a better journalist and a better person.

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