Flashback Blog day 5 part one

Jan 6, 2018

Melissa Woodford

Reformation Bible

Late-night hours of analyzing legal details paid off this morning at WJI’s thrilling mock press conference.

Legal advocates Caleb Dalton and Jordan Lorence from Alliance Defending Freedom arrived at 9 AM. Although the actual Supreme Court case in consideration occurred last month on April 19th, the advocates posed as if they had just descended the Supreme Court’s steps and had presented oral arguments before the justices.

Students mobbed around Dalton, who pretended to represent the opposition. Each student pressed to get their questions answered. After an opening statement, Dalton artfully avoided the student’s penetrating interrogations by reiterating his talking points.

Lorence opened with precision and power. Representing the plaintiff, he summarized his argument, and as the senior examinee, he appeared to provide a more seasoned and welldeveloped rationale for his case.

Media Communications Director Erik Finley later directed all further inquiries to appropriate resources. Nick Eicher, host of The World and Everything In It, concluded the session and dismissed the student journalists.

After a quick break for some healthy refreshments, the students scrapped together their radio scripts in 75 minutes. Students re-listened to the audio, selected their sound bites, and attempted to condense an hour-long press conference into 60-second news wraps.

A lunch of turkey wraps followed. Students listened to WORLD Radio’s Sarah Wedel, an alumna of WJI, who exhorted the students not to shy away from asking questions. Her greatest tip was that the students strive for their personal best rather than comparing themselves with what other students can do. She also encouraged them to observe other radio experts such as NPR or WORLD on a regular basis. The students took her words to heart in the afternoon radio recording sessions, in which many produced radio wraps for the first time. 

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