Flashback blog day 5 part 2

Jan 13, 2018

Nathan Ecarma – PM

Bryan College

Advisors say life is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Well, here at WJI, it’s both.

Yesterday, Nick Eicher briefed us on radio journalism. And today, we put what we were taught into practice. At least, that was the plan.

At lunch, Sarah Wedel, WJI alumna, spoke to us. While I’m sure she had sound advice for us, I preoccupied myself stressing over my radio transcript rehearsing it in my head. I did hear her explain the importance of taking a breath and realizing we’re not experts, and if we do feel uncomfortable with a new medium of journalism, take it one step at a time. No one’s an expert here. And she further explained, even if we are experts, take a dose of humility and realize the teachers can teach you. Like I said, sound advice.

“Back to the drawing board” is something I told myself almost every minute when writing my transcript. Panic set in as the deadline approached. But I decided to take Sarah’s other advice and ask for help. I appreciated Eicher’s lectures and his personality, so I dared. And I won. He walked with me and gave me the advice I needed. I took it. Hopefully, I succeeded. Time will tell.

The team moved to another location where Eicher began recording us. Kristen Eicher started a running list of who would be recorded. Feeling unprepared, I didn’t sign up for quite some time. I ended up being 21 on the list. And that did not turn out too well for me. I finished my radio production about 15 minutes ago, and right now, it’s 11:16pm. Hopefully, the last shall be first tomorrow.

My headache must have shown through, because after dinner at the digital media lab, Tabitha looked at me and said “push-ups: let’s go.” Kendall, Tabitha, and I dropped down and gave twenty, at least. Shortly after, I recorded my audio. And in the sound room, Eicher taught me a valuable lesson I’d forgotten: you’re going to make mistakes, and when you do, start over; don’t get frustrated; don’t talk to him; don’t talk to yourself; take it from the top and go till the end; focus.

Thankfully, I was experienced with the software we used to produce our radio programs. Oh, wait, that’s right—I’ve never used it before. I downloaded it yesterday.

My headache followed me throughout the day, most likely due to the stress I experienced from being out of my comfort zone. But again, Sarah’s advice comes into play. Being pushed out of your comfort zone to explore different mediums of journalism forces the journalist to grow. I grew today, and not because I produced something excellent; I’m doubtful I did, but because I produced something.

Pitts gave us a piece of advice during our news huddle: have fun. I had forgotten about that the past few days.

I could tell you how the WJI is butterflies and daisies but then I’d be Stephen Glass. And we at WJI—do not—want to be Glass.

From WORLD Radio, this is Nathan Ecarma. 

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