Flashback Blog day 7 part 2

Feb 7, 2018

A.K. Parsons, WJI Blog Post—Saturday, May 20, 2017

Furman University 

Spending a day at the Tulip Festival in the pouring rain turned out to be one of my favorite activities this week. I tried my first ever Apple Gouda Brotwurst, which the vendor believes are “the only ones’ in the world.”

Attendance was sparse earlier in the day. The people who were there attempted to escape the cold by crowding into tiny coffee shops.

I observed many children stomping in rain puddles and parents’ umbrellas being pulled away by the wind. However, once we returned to the festival for the parade, a huge amount of people filled the streets.

Families bundled up in fleece blankets and rain boots to watch a series of Dutch dances, followed by a marching band and float parade.

The first challenge I faced was trying to simultaneously hold an umbrella and snap photos. Eventually, I gave up the umbrella and found that without this hindrance I was taking much better pictures. My favorite part of the parade was the street washers—young boys with black caps and bright blue uniforms who “scrubbed” the streets.

My second challenge was having never used a DSLR camera before. I especially struggled to learn how to take action shots during the parade. Many of my photos turned out blurry. I had to test out my camera with many different settings until I finally found one that worked.

The third challenge I faced was figuring out how to correct my photos in Light Room. I spent the entire evening looking at different functions—clarity, brightness, white balance, and choosing which options made my photos look their best. By the end of the day I concluded that photography was fun! I plan to take multiple photography tutorials when I return home, and properly learn to use all the functions of my camera and Light Room. 

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