WJI Alumni Testimony: Sarah Wedel class of 2015

Feb 12, 2018

The following is a testimony from Sarah Wedel a WJI alumnus who now works for WORLD radio. 


What WJI means to me: WJI was the first real newsroom I ever got to work in. Sure, I had completed news internships, but as is often the case with internships, people with the real jobs are busy completing their work. In my experience, creating opportunities for interns to learn was an afterthought. At WJI, the instructors were completely focused on the students, creating challenging real-world reporting and writing assignments. From morning to evening, the fast paced environment generated drastic growth in my class’s ability to write clear and concise news. In just two weeks, I went from doubting I could handle real life deadlines to absolute confidence that I could. WJI also introduced me to radio, a news medium I had never considered working in. WJI taught me to appreciate radio’s niche storytelling ability. Those two weeks changed the course of my career from aspiring TV journalist to World Radio reporter. Apply today because you never know how these two weeks may change the course of your career.

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