WJI 2018 Blog Day 4, PM: Don't Break the Glass

May 21, 2018

By: Hector Davila Jr.

Tonight we all gathered for the first movie night of our two weeks at WJI. Professor Pitts gave a brief explanation of the things that define/shape what journalism looks like. All the WIJers led a discussion about successful journalism movies they have heard of or seen. Pitts assured us that our movie nights will show the different ways to get journalism just right, or ways to ruin your career. I enjoyed tonight’s showing of 2003 Shattered Glass by director Billy Ray.

Never have I watched the film, but it did a fantastic job recapping the real life account of Stephen Glass, who fabricated many stories for The New Republic magazine during his career. The lesson to take from this film is that the golden rule of journalism is, “Thou shalt not lie” (Exodus 20:16). I expect the next movies to be equally engaging and well liked by everyone. My favorite part of the showing was hearing everyone laugh together at the absurdity that excessively dishonest journalists existed in history. There’s no doubt that morality is an element that's needed in the newsrooms around the world.

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