WJI 2018 Blog Day 6, PM: Radio, Photos, and Pitts' P's

May 23, 2018

By MaryRachel Bulkeley
This morning Nick Eicher critiqued the radio wraps we made yesterday about the landmark Masterpiece Cakeshop case. After lunch, Rylan Howe from the The N'West Iowa REVIEW gave us a rundown of the basics of photojournalism. 
After showing us some of his own photo selects from the past year, Howe sent us out to explore Dordt College's campus with our cameras. "Come back with photos that tell stories," he said. 
Students returned to the classroom after about an hour or so and edited their takes. Before dinnertime rolled around, we each emailed Howe a few of our favorite shots from the afternoon. He downloaded those photos into a slideshow. 
Everyone noticed various nooks and crannies of campus differently. Havuka captured the elegant symmetry of a stained glass chandelier in the library. Alyssa documented a team of two students doing summer maintenence work for the college. Isaiah went to the top of the science building and photographed the intricate detail of cascading water droplets nourishing a small cluster of green, sprouting plants. These are just a few examples, but it was neat to see which areas and aspects of campus stood out to fellow classmates.
After dinner, Professor Lee Pitts talked us through what he calls "Pitts Ps," the four key qualities of a great journalist:
Persistence: Keep trying for the sake of the story even other people or circumstances make it difficult for you to do so.
Presence: Immerse yourself in the environments of your story subjects, and be ready for the unexpected opportunities.
Personhood: Always remember that your story subjects are people, too. Consider humanity.
Preparation: Having a plan can make all the difference. "A good reporter is like a chess player," Pitts reminded us. "Always be thinking a few steps ahead."

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