WJI 2018 Day 7, AM: Perky Pooch and Journalism History

May 24, 2018

Liz Rieth


Only in WJI do you get to talk to the editor-in-chief (Marvin Olasky), CEO (Kevin Martin) and main editor (Tim Lamer) of World Magazine in one morning. Besides getting to listen to wisdom from these distinguished people, WJI students had the joy of have Greeley, Olasky’s dog, wonder around during lectures. 

Greeley’s presence was appropriate this morning as Olasky discussed Horace Greeley (yes, the dog is named after him and looks like him) founder of the New-York Tribune and Henry Jarvis Raymond, founder of New York Times. Olasky enlightened students on the history of journalism and the history of World Magazine.
Overall, Thursday morning was off to a great start with dogs and history stories.

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