WJI 2018 Blog Day9, AM: The Sound and the Video

May 26, 2018

Anna Johansen


“Artificial amateurs aren’t at all amazing, analytically, I assault, animate things, broken barriers bounded by the bomb beat, buildings are broken, basically I'm bombarding—Are we rolling? Tell me we’re not rolling, please.”

This is Nick Eicher. He’s the executive producer of WORLD Radio, and co-host of the podcast, ‘The World and Everything in It.’ He’s also the subject of a video project that Havi and I are creating for WJI 2018. Havi’s my video partner. We thought it would be ironic to make a video about a guy whose entire life is all about sound.

After setting up our interview equipment (two tripods, two cameras, one lapel mic, one digital recorder, and one enormous boom mic), Mr. Eicher started sailing through some alphabet aerobics.

“Casually create catastrophes, casualties, canceling cats got their canopies collapsing—”

He stumbled around the line “Juiced on my jams like jheri curls jockin’ joints,” but nailed “Pummeling petty powder puffs in my prime,” and swept all the way through “Zero in zen thoughts, over-zealous rhyme zealots,” before we started the official interview. Havi deserves a medal, because she held the ten-foot boom for an hour and half while I just stood there and asked questions. Why did you go into radio? Can you do any impersonations? Why is all sound equipment named after some kind of weapon—boom, shotgun, pistol?

All over Sioux Center, Sioux City, and Orange City, other WJIers were capturing video for their projects. One team chronicled veterans placing flags at a local memorial. Another interviewed the owner of a coffee shop. From tattoo parlors to wedding venues, WJI students sought stories. They caught hundreds of hours of footage, scores of camera angles, and dozens of audio tracks.

The challenge now is to pull a finished product out of that magician’s hat. Finished projects are due on Friday.


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