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WJI Buzz - David Boze to host WJI talk radio workshop at CPAC

Jan 25, 2011

WJI is pleased to announce that David Boze, prominent Northwest radio talk show host, will be giving a WJI-sponsored free workshop on talk radio at CPAC on Saturday, February 12, at 9:00 AM.

David is the local voice on Seattle's Rush Limbaugh Station, 770 KTTH. He is a frequent guest-host of the nationally syndicated Michael Medved and Michael Savage Shows. He began his radio career with the nationally known Peter Weissbach as Weissbach's sidekick “The Grasshopper.”

Boze is a former research analyst for the Evergreen Freedom Foundation in Olympia, Wash. While at EFF, David was a columnist for The Olympian, The Seattle Times, The Tacoma News Tribune, and numerous other newspapers across Washington state. He is a graduate of Hillsdale College.

WJI Director Robert Case stated, “David Boze is the most powerful local voice of conservatism in Washington State, the bluest of states. The opportunity for young conservatives to hear a talk show host like him at CPAC in the other Washington is a great treat.”

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