WJI Buzz - Amy Foundation Awards

Feb 28, 2011

The Amy Foundation Writing Awards are offered annually and are "designed to recognize creative, skillful writing that applies biblical principles in a sensitive, thought-provoking manner to current issues, with an emphasis on discipling."

The founder of the Amy Foundation was Jim Russell, who died in 2005, and was a friend of the World Journalism Institute. Not only did Jim speak to our young journalists but he even gave a scholarship in the early years of WJI. Jim was a successful Michigan businessman who owned a printing conglomerate and used his success to fund the Amy Foundation in honor of his deceased daughter.

Oriented towards the mainstream media, the Amy Foundation continues to give thousands of dollars to well-written published letters to the editor.

Amy's Pen and Sword newsletter, edited by WJI grad Mary Hart Jackson ('99) is offered free by online subscription and is a voice for engaging the media community with good writing.

For more information about the awards or to sign up for the Pen & Sword newsletter, go to www.amyfound.org.

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