WJI Buzz - Bottum, Devaney, Fountain, McNair

Mar 16, 2011

Joseph Bottum (guest speaker '09-10) is executive producer of the first video presented by First Things, entitled "The Creed: What Christians Profess, and Why It Ought to Matter." The video is produced by actor, director, and writer, Tim Kelleher and attempts to show why the radical claims made in the Nicene Creed are so important.

Tim Devaney ('09) has a new job at The Washington Times reporting about business and international trade. Devaney is a graduate of Cornerstone University and can be reached at tim.c.devaney@gmail.com.

The WJI monograph by John Fountain entitled "The Ministry of Journalism" is being given to attendees of the Carolina Christian Writers Workshop, March 18-19, in Anderson, S.C. For more information about this workshop, or to register, go to http://www.upstatescchristianwriters.com/.  WJI distributes monographs on the intersection of Christianity and journalism free-of-charge to writers conferences nationwide throughout the year.

Sonya McNair (guest speaker '08) has been named new head of communications at CBS News. McNair joined CBS News as a consultant in March 2009 and she was appointed Vice President in May of that year. She directed media relations and publicity for the CBS News Division and oversaw the daily communications strategy for a wide range of CBS News broadcasts and platforms.

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