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Jun 22, 2011

WJI Monographs and City Notebook Available

Since its beginning, the institute has printed and freely distributed a series of essays or monographs dealing with the intersection of Christianity and journalism. They are written by WJI teachers, and some are lectures given at WJI events.

The authors of these monographs include distinguished nationally known thinkers such as Drs. David Aikman, Bryan Chapell and Marvin Olasky, as well as prominent journalists such as Joel Belz, Mizell Stewart, Russell Chandler, and Bill Proctor. The well known writer Larry Woiwode has written a monograph on ethics, and John Fountain and Karima Haynes have written on race, Christianity and journalism in their monographs, which are part of our Samuel Cornish Memorial lecture series. The great Carl F.H. Henry gave perhaps his last public address to the inaugural WJI class in 1999, with his monograph, and John McCandlish Phillips, the famous journalist from the New York Times has written a monograph. We still have some of these monographs, and if you are interested in receiving a free copy or several, contact our New York office.

Speaking of McCandlish, the institute--as part of our honoring Mr. Phillips--has a number of copies of City Notebook, his wonderful book of columns on New York City. McCandlish followed the famous Myer Berger as the Timesman to chronicle daily life in The Big Apple. Written decades ago, the columns remain sterling examples of outstanding writing done by the most prominent Christian journalist in a mainstream newspaper in the last half of the 20th century.

If you want to see the best in evocative writing, contact us and we will send you a free copy of John’s book, as long as our supply lasts.

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