WJI Buzz - Innes, Proctor, Prol, Woiwode

Oct 5, 2011

David Innes (WJI friend and professor at The King’s College) is co-author (with Lisa Sharon Harper) of the new book Left, Right & Christ. The book launch on October 6, will feature both authors on a panel moderated by Kirsten Powers (speaker '07). Dr. Innes can be reached at innes@tkc.edu.

William Proctor (speaker '02) has published a new book, OBAMA GRAMMAR: Using the President's Bloopers to Improve Your English. Proctor is also author of the WJI monograph “Combating Culture Creep,” and can be reached at billproctor@bellsouth.net.

Jessica Prol (‘03) recently joined the Family Research Council as their Managing Editor for Policy Publications. She has also teamed up with the John Jay Institute as their Communications Manager. Prol can be reached at jprol@johnjayinstitute.org.

Larry Woiwode (speaker '03) has written a new book, The Invention of Lefse: A Christmas Story. Woiwode is author of the WJI monograph “The Ethics of Writing” and can be reached at woiwode@ctctel.com


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