WJI Buzz - Wagner, Francisco, McDill, Ritzel

Dec 18, 2008

John Wagner (WJI 07) has been hired as a full-time news assistant with NY1 in New York City and begins in January.

Debs Francisco (WJI 08) was selected to intern as the staff writer with the Pittsburgh Penguins, "one of the premier teams in the National Hockey League," and begins in January. Check out her blog: www.nhlgirl.com.

Stephen McDill (WJI 06) was recently hired as a researcher/reporter for the Mississippi Business Journal, an affiliate of the Dolan Media Company.

Rebecca Ritzel (WJI 99) will teach "The Art of Literary Journalism," a graduate MFA writing seminar at American University next semester. Ritzel is as a publications assistant at the National Endowment for the Arts and writes reviews and features for The Washington Post.

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