Press Release - Manny Garcia Appointed to 2010 McCandlish Phillips Journalism Chair

Jan 20, 2010

New York, NY, January 20, 2010 - World Journalism Institute announced today announced that Manny Garcia has been appointed to the John McCandlish Phillips Chair of Journalism for the World Journalism Institute at The King's College in New York City.

“Garcia is a tough-minded journalist who is dedicated to personally mentoring young journalists and helping them learn to be better street reporters who have the chops to make it in the newsroom," according to Institute Director Robert Case.

The chair is named for John McCandlish Phillips, the legendary former reporter for the New York Times (1955-1973), who anchored the WJI New York course for years. In addition to being considered the most gifted writer of his day, Phillips embodied his beliefs that “the journalist who is a Christian will be as accurate and balanced and fair and faithful to facts as possible.”

Garcia is executive editor of El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish language daily in Miami, which he joined in 2009. A former editor and member of the Miami Herald's investigative team, he serves on the board of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) and leads workshops for professional and student journalists around the country.

Garcia was a Pulitzer Prize juror for the investigative reporting category in 2009. He was a primary writer and reporter on two Pulitzer Prize-winning projects for the Miami Herald, one which uncovered widespread vote fraud in a Miami mayoral race and the second for the coverage of the Elian Gonzalez raid. He also helped uncover how a police chief used a children's charity to pay for his mistress and why foam insulation caused the space shuttle to disintegrate.

In 2005, Manny and database editor Jason Grotto shared IRE's top prize for a series titled "Justice Withheld," which showed how repeat criminal offenders were taking advantage of a little known judicial break to dodge convictions. Florida curtailed the law's use after the series was published.

Garcia has a B.A. in journalism from Florida International University. A veteran instructor at the World Journalism Institute, Garcia will lead a team of seasoned journalists during the World Journalism Institute multi-week convergence journalism course in New York City in May. The course is open to journalists who are in college or recent graduates.

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