WJI Buzz - Pearcey

Sep 7, 2010

Nancy Pearcey (WJI Francis Schaeffer Scholar and teacher 99-07) has just released a new book entitled Saving Leonardo: A Call to Resist the Secular Assault on Mind, Morals & Meaning.

Saving Leonardo has been endorsed by Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (WJI's 2010 Francis Schaeffer Scholar and past teacher), Makoto Fujimura (WJI speaker 02-03) and Cal Thomas (WJI speaker 02-04).

Pearcey is research profes­sor of Worldview Studies at Philadelphia Biblical University. Pearcey studied Christian worldview at L'Abri Fellowship in Switzerland with Francis Schaeffer, and was later named the Francis A. Schaeffer Scholar at the World Journalism Institute. She earned a master's degree from Covenant Theological Seminary, and pursued further graduate work in the History of Philosophy at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto.

Pearcey has been a commentator on Public Square Radio, the founding editor of the daily radio program "BreakPoint," and has appeared on NPR and C-SPAN. Currently she is a fellow at the Discovery Institute and editor-at-large of The Pearcey Report. She coauthored a column in Christi­anity Today, and has authored or contrib­uted to several books, including The Soul of Science and How Now Shall We Live? (with Charles Colson, contributions by Harold Fickett). Her most recent book was the bestselling Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity, which won the 2005 ECPA Gold Me­dallion Award for best book of the year on Christianity & Society.

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