WJI Buzz - Neuhaus, Longinow, Green, Aiuto

Jan 12, 2008

Father Richard John Neuhaus (1936-2009) (speaker for WJI in 2008) WJI joins the nation in remembering this leading Christian thinker who among many things, spoke up for the rights of the unborn, founded First Things, and authored The Naked Public Square, a national best seller and required reading in some of WJI courses.

Michael Longinow (WJI guest teacher 02-08) contributed to Understanding Evangelical Media (InterVarsity, 2008). Longinow holds the 2009 McCandlish Phillips Chair of Journalism at WJI and will lead the instruction during the New York Convergence Course.

Lauren Green (WJI guest speaker 09) will keynote the closing dinner of the World Journalism Institute's New York Convergence Course held May 29, 2009. Green is a correspondent for Fox News in New York.

Vito Aiuto (WJI guest speaker 02) and his wife Monique have released a debut CD, Welcome to the Welcome Wagon, a collection of "sacred folk songs." Aiuto is Presbyterian pastor in Brooklyn, N.Y.

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