Julia Duin

Washington Post

Julia Duin is the chief blogger for Washington Post's "Under God" (part of "On Faith" site).


Julia Duin is the chief blogger for Washington Post's "Under God" (part of "On Faith" site). She will anchor Under God's daily discussion of religion in the news. Duin has covered religion for five newspapers, most recently as the religion editor for The Washington Times. But her career started in Oregon, where, soon after college, her editor gave her the choice between editing the agriculture page or the religion page. She chose religion and the rest is history. She then wrote for Hollywood, Fla., newspaper for three years, moving on to The Houston Chronicle in the mid-1980s. Next was a master's degree in religion earned from Trinity School for Ministry, an Episcopal seminary near Pittsburgh. She next took a job as city editor for The Daily Times in Farmington, NM, then moved to Washington 15 years ago. She knew the area well; her dad, a US Coast Guard admiral, was stationed there several times. During one posting, Duin volunteered as an aide at the Washington cathedral, giving tours of the beautiful Gothic church. On the way, she wrote five books, most of them on religion, the most recent being "Days of Fire and Glory: The Rise and Fall of a Charismatic Community" (2009). While living in the Seattle area as a teenager, she got involved in an evangelical Christian movement known as Young Life, and today splits her time between Episcopal and pentecostal churches. She also plays the Celtic harp and has learned seven foreign languages, including Italian, which came in handy while covering the election of Pope Benedict XVI in 2005 in Rome. 


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February 10th, 2011

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