Jeffrey Myers


Dr. Myers is Associate Professor of Communication Arts at Bryan College and President of the Myers Institute for Communication and Leadership, which equips future leaders to have a culture-shaping influence by providing tools and training that unleash their leadership gifts and enable them to communicate the truth with confidence. Dr. Myers speaks to more than 50,000 people each year in corporations, schools, parent groups and youth-serving organizations. Over the last decade Dr. Myers has worked with Colorado-based Summit Ministries to develop cutting-edge leadership experiences in Colorado, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Alberta, Canada. Dr. Myers is the author of six books and three video coaching systems including Understanding the Times http://www.summit.or, the curriculum that introduced worldview training to America's Christian schools, and Secrets of Great Communicators Dr. Myers earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree from the University of Denver. He and his wife Danielle, and their four children live in Tennessee.