Alicia Colon


Alicia Colon has written a weekly column of conservative political and social commentary for The New York Sun since 2002. Born in Spanish Harlem, she is one of the few Hispanic women writing op-ed for a major newspaper. Colon has covered issues as diverse as global warming to the war on terror. She writes frequently on religion, bioethics, feminism, immigration, racism, education and politics. Colon also writes for Jewish World Review, National Catholic Register and the Human Life Review. She has interviewed scores of political and cultural newsmakers, including Dick Cheney, Vito Fossella, Steve Forbes, Ed Cox, Danny Aiello and many others. She has appeared on Fox News television and radio broadcast shows of Steve Malsberg, Alan Colmes among others to comment on controversial columns. Ms. Colon is also an accomplished visual artist who served as president of The Artists Federation, a cultural group based in Snug Harbor. A mother of six and grandmother of seven, Ms. Colon lives in New York City.