Tessie DeVore


Tessie Güell de DeVore is a Cuban/Puerto Rican. In 1993 she launched Vida Cristiana, the Spanish sister publication of Charisma magazine, published by Strang Communications. Vida Cristiana has since become the largest Spanish-language Christian magazine in the United States—serving the fastest- growing demographic segment in the nation. In 1997 she launched Casa Creación, Strang Communications Spanish book imprint, which was named Spanish Christian Publisher of the Year in 2004. Two years ago PR Newswire named her one of the top 100 Hispanic journalists in the nation. Last year she wasnelected president of the Spanish Evangelical Products Association, and is the first female to hold the position. She co authored with her husband a children's book titled Happy Birthday to Me!, which tells the story of a boy growing up in a bi cultural home of Anglo and Hispanic parents. DeVore is currently Vice President of International for Strang Communications.