Kevin McCullough


Kevin McCullough leads the daily charge of The MuscleHead Revolution. In addition to the New York City Metro, Kevin's broadcast is heard in New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Delaware, in portions of Massachusetts. 

The MuscleHead Revolution broadcast emanates from New York City 2-5pm EST weekdays on flagship WMCA 570. WMCA's exclusive agreement with "AOL Radio-XM" along with the use of other emerging technologies has catapulted Kevin to become one of the most listened to LIVE daily talk shows across the globe via the internet through not one but three streaming options at On a daily basis calls come pouring in from California, Texas, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Nebraska, and across America. In addition increasing numbers of IPod and MP3 portable users are downloading up to 15 hours of The MuscleHead Revolution each week.

As a television pundit Kevin's appearances have ranged from battling an elementary school teacher who saw nothing wrong with operating a porn business in her home on the Oprah Winfrey Show, to taking on the brass knuckles of the ACLU on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL. He has also appeared on CSPAN, PBS, as well as NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX network affiliates.

Kevin McCullough is author of his first title with HARVEST HOUSE publishers, The MuscleHead Revolution.

Kevin McCullough has written as a nationally syndicated columnist for the past six years. He has written extensively on the issues of our times. His column became anchored at World Net Daily in 2001. His 750 word weekly piece also ended up appearing in countless other internet and printed publications. He has appeared in New York Newsday, The New York Post, The Washington Times, The Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun Times, Christianity Today, The Daily Herald, The Illinois Leader, Human Events, and NewsMax.

At the urging of fellow Salem Broadcaster Hugh Hewitt, Kevin took to the new idea of blogging in 2003. He quickly adapted to the new, innovative, and lightening quick medium. His is a respected voice in the blogosphere, and one who enjoys good relationships with bloggers of all perspectives. Kevin does not cower at the thought of someone disagreeing with him. 

Well known and respected in political, entertainment, and pro-family leadership circles Kevin McCullough makes sure that MuscleHeads are sure not to simply receive vital information on the raging cultural debates, but provocative and challenging content that demands attention and if necessary - action. Understanding that while the majority of the population cares a lot about society, but nearly gag on a steady diet of politics all the time, Kevin also makes sure that he includes only the most important of the mind-numbing "x's and o's" of the latest political trends.

Prior to coming to New York City, Kevin's media career was still spent exclusively in only the biggest of markets. From his early days in Dallas, to his dozen years in Chicago, he has spent the past three in New York. Kevin has also been a familiar voice to some of Salem Media's syndicated audiences, and prior to moving east serves as a primary fill-in for Hugh Hewitt's nationally heard broadcast.