Deswood Tome


Deswood Tome serves as communications director for the Navajo Nation in Washington, D.C. As the spokesperson for the largest Native American tribe on Washington affairs, Mr. Tome directs public affairs for the tribe. He works with the national and regional as well as the local media of the Navajo Nation. He was appointed as Commissioner for the Navajo Nation Telecommunications Regulatory Commission.

Currently Mr. Tome is involved in the Navajo Nation’s participation as a voting member of the International Technology Union of the United Nations, to advance digital connectivity among the world’s 360 million indigenous people. The Navajo Nation became a voting member in 2005.

Mr. Tome previously served as administrative director for Promise Keepers in Denver, working to direct eight departments in global ministries. He also served as website editor, and as media specialist for the men’s ministry where he worked with the national media. Mr. Tome was one of five spokespersons at Stand In The Gap, a assembly of men on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Mr. Tome served as communications officer for the Navajo Nation in Washington, D.C. during the 105th congress in 1998-99, responsible for all public affairs before returning to Denver.

In New Mexico, Mr. Tome served as communications director for the Christian Broadcasting Academy, and as editor for the Cutting Edge magazine. He was awarded for his coverage on the gang problem in Albuquerque by the New Mexico Broadcasters Association. Mr. Tome also served as editor for the Dineh Tribune, a newspaper covering news on the Navajo Nation. He wrote for the Navajo Times, and reported on occasion for KTNN on news features from Denver. He was a member of the Native American Journalist Association, the Denver Press Club, and the National Association of Religious Broadcasters.

Mr. Tome served as spokesperson for the chairman of the Navajo Tribal Council and as principal officer for public affairs for the Navajo Nation.