Udo Middelmann

The King's College

Prof. Middelmann is the 2011 WJI Francis Schaeffer Scholar.


Dr. Udo Middelmann is the 2011 WJI Francis Schaeffer Scholar for Cultural Apologetics. Mr. Middelmann grew up in Germany and became a Christian while studying law at Freiburg University. He began to question why the law is binding: “The only solid, unchanging reality I found was laws of nature ('water always runs downhill') and the Creator, whose character is the law of the universe.” Since that time he has taught courses on worldviews, Christian apologetics, religion, and philosophy at colleges in the United States, Africa, and Switzerland. He has also lectured by invitation in many countries around the world, under circumstances he calls “amazing, surprising, and at times very odd.” He has served as President of the Francis A. Schaeffer Foundation for over 20 years, before which he was a trustee and member at L’Abri Fellowship in Switzerland.

Prof. Middelmann is a Distinguished Visiting Professor at The King's College. His relationship with the college began in 1989, when he took the Percy Crawford Chair of the Religion and Philosophy department at the Briarcliff Manor campus. He held the position until 1995, when the college went bankrupt because of a land deal gone sour. At that time, Prof. Middelmann put members of the King’s administration in touch with J. Stanley Oakes, whose energy and vision led to the revival of the college’s charter and its reestablishment in New York City. 

Though his teaching environment has varied, Prof. Middelmann’s intellectual interest has been consistent: philosophy and Christian apologetics, and “the intersection of Biblical belief and culture.” His course rotation includes Classical and Medieval Philosophy, Culture and Aesthetics, Modern Philosophy, and Philosophical Apologetics. In addition, he and his wife Deborah frequently host students at their Upper East Side apartment and (during summers) at their first home in Switzerland for philosophical discussion on matters of faith, life, and politics.

Dr. Middelman holds degrees from Freiburg University and Covenant Theological Seminary.

He is author of Pro-Existence: Man in the Circumference of Reality, The Market-Driven Church, The Innocence of God, Christianity versus Fatalistic Religions in the War Against Poverty, and FOOTNOTES, a triannual publication of the Schaeffer Foundation.