William Owens

Tea Party Review

William Owens is a political activist, author, publisher and speaker.


William Owens is a political activist, author, publisher and speaker. He is also president of Higher Standard Enterprises, Inc., which encapsulates publishing and media within the current framework of the political arena. William became involved in politics before the 2008 elections, and used his venue of publishing to write, publish, and distribute his latest politically themed book, Obama: Why Black America Should Have Doubts.  He has been writing and publishing for over two decades.

Owens is a featured speaker on the national Tea Party Express tour. He is committed to the movement because of its viewpoint regarding limited government, fiscal responsibility, transparency in government, and free markets.  He is message is usually focused on rallying Americans to vote principles over party and over pigmentation and to hold to character over color.

Owens has been interviewed on numerous nationally syndicated radio shows regarding his stance against the Obama administration, his insights as a conservative Black American, and in regards to the Tea Party movement and its affect upon both our society and our government.  His current project, “Community, Faith and Policy” is designed to establish relationship on principles that make for a stronger America.  Its specific purpose is to take the issues of conservatism within urban America via barbershops, beauty salons and restaurants, and video stream conversations live online, giving an opportunity for communities to connect. 

Owens is the author of seven books ranging from spiritual growth and maturity, family, and politics. He is the publisher of the Tea Party Express Commemorative Journal, which chronicles the tours through captivating photographs and inspiring articles, and is also the producer of Tea Party Express.tv, a media component that streams events throughout the Tea Party Express tours, and conducts interviews with persons of interest to the movement.

Owens is also Vice President of Project Development for Tea Party Review Magazine, whose mission it is to capture, advance and protect the authenticity of the tea party movement and its message of limited government, fiscal responsibility and constitutional integrity.


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February 10th, 2011

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