Brian C. Anderson

The City Journal (Manhattan Institute)


Brian C. Anderson is the Editor of City Journal, the cultural and political quarterly published by the Manhattan Institute, where he writes extensively on social and political trends. Formerly, he served as senior editor of City Journal and as a research associate at the American Enterprise Institute.

As editor, Anderson has overseen the enormously successful expansion of City Journal's website. His guidance has also helped broaden City Journal's reach and influence with the addition of many new authors. Over his ten years at City Journal, the quarterly continues to be one of the nation's premier public policy magazines.

Anderson's work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, the New York Post, the Dallas News, Commentary, National Review, First Things, the Weekly Standard, Policy Review, the Wilson Quarterly, the American Spectator, and dozens of other publications.

Anderson is the co-author of the new book,">A Manifesto for Media Freedom (2008) and author of">Democratic Capitalism and its Discontents (2007),">South Park Conservatives (2005), and Raymond Aron: the Recovery of the Political (2005). The New York Times recently described him as one of "the most probing and erudite political essayists of our day."

He is a frequent guest on talk radio.

Anderson has a Ph.D. in political philosophy from the University of Ottawa, and an M.A. and B.A. from Boston College. He is married and lives with his wife and two young sons in Westchester County, New York.