Reginald Ecarma

North Greenville University


Reginald E. Ecarma is assistant professor at North Greenville College. Ecarma recently authored a book titled Beyond Ideology: A Case of Egalitarian Bias in the News published by University Press of America. Based on his Ph.D. dissertation, he provides academic evidence of cultural bias in the national television newsrooms.

Ecarma received his B.S. at the University of Louisville, and his three graduate degrees (M.A. in public affairs journalism, M.A. in public policy and Ph.D. in political communication) from Regent University. Ecarma also attended the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has served on the faculty of several universities and colleges, including the University of Louisville and Midway College. He is an advisor for Association for Christian Collegiate media in the Washington, DC area and recently addressed its annual conference discussing the topic "television news' media bias." Ecarma is also a member of Intercollegiate Religious Broadcasters and Christian leadership ministries, faculty groups that seek to integrate the Christian faith in academia. He is an advisor for Kentucky Heartland Institute of Public Policy and was commissioned a "Kentucky Colonel" in 1992 by then-Govervor Brereton Jones.

Ecarma is a veteran, who served in the United States Naval Reserves from 1985-1991, where he received the Naval Reserve Meritorious Service Medal.

Proir to teaching, Ecarma served as executive director of the American Family Association of Kentucky, appeared on the Family Channel's The 700 Club and also appeared on local television news programs. Ecarma has founded or co-founded several organizations, including Asian American Association of Tidewater, Conservative Club of Virginia Beach, Mayor's Sister City of Virginia Beach and the Filipino-American Youth Organization of Kentucky and Southern Indiana, and was managing editor of Virginia Beach's Insider Alert. Ecarma received several Regent University academic awards, including a Ph.D. grant to research "media bias," Dooner Scholarship for Catholic student/scholar, three Dean's Scholarships and Academic Integrity Award from the School for Public Policy, Dean's Scholarship from the College of Communication and the Arts. After receiving an athletic scholarship for Men's Tennis from the University of Louisville, he continues to teach and coach tennis in Kentucky and Virginia.

In relation to applied political communication, Ecarma has been involved in political campaigns, serving as a campaign manager, volunteer coordinator and consultant for Democrat or Republican candidates in Kentucky and Virginia from 1986-1995.

Ecarma and his wife, Lorri, have six small children, Jordan, Jenna, Josiah, Caleb, Nathan and Jonathan Edwards, and are members of hte Reformed Baptist Church of Louisville, Kentucky. He also serves as a Sunday School teacher at Grace Reformed Church in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.