Dawn Eden


Dawn Eden is the assistant news editor of the national edition of the New York Daily News. Prior to that, she was a copy editor for the New York Post. After she left that position, the Post claimed on its gossip page, Page Six, that it had fired her for her "rabid anti-abortion views." Dawn will discuss her experiences as a conservative, pro-life Christian working in a mainstream-media environment.

Dawn has also worked as a popular-music historian and has written liner notes (biographical essays for CD booklets) for 80 CDs, including releases on each of the major labels. She wrote about music for New York Press, Billboard, the Village Voice, Salon, and Good Housekeeping, among others.

More recently, she has written about faith and politics for National Review Online and Touchstone, as well as her popular blog, The Dawn Patrol. Born Jewish, she became a Christian six years ago.