Mark Kellner

Washington Times


A 30-year veteran of print publication, Mark Kellner is one of America's leading technology journalists. He brings to the subject more than 15 years of experience in writing hundreds of articles about computers, telecommunications and technology. Additionally, Christianity Today named Mark one of the "50 Leading Evangelicals Under 40" in 1996. On January 11, 1999, Christianity Today published Mark's major news article on the Year 2000 computer problem titled, "Y2K: A Secular Apocalypse." Harold Shaw Publishers, Wheaton, IL, released his third book, Y2K - Apocalypse or Opportunity in March 1999. Mark's fourth book, Your Wired Church is under contract for release by Tyndale House in July 2002. Since 1991, Mark has written the weekly "On Computers" column for The Washington Times daily newspaper. Knight-Ridder distributes the column nationally. He has written freelance articles for a number of regional and national magazines, including Success, Working at Home, Nation's Business and MicroTimes. He has also written extensively for Computing Today magazine and authored that publication's comprehensive Year 2000 series in its January 1999 issue. He created and wrote the monthly column, "Christians and the Internet" for, a Christian online service. Mark is also a weekly columnist for the Los Angeles Times' "Tech Times" section, writing about hand-held computers. He hosts a weekly "On Computers" show on Mark has made numerous TV and radio appearances, including MSNBC, FOX TV, BBC News programs in Britain and Wales, as well as the National Public Radio affiliate in Washington, DC, Family Radio and Moody Broadcasting Network. He has been a frequent guest on "Janet Parshall's America," which airs on WAVA-FM and other Salem Broadcasting radio stations. Currently, Mark resides in Marina del Rey, California, with his wife, Jean. Most recently he was the Editor-in-Chief of PC Portables Magazine, the nation's premiere monthly for users of portable technology. He was News Editor of MIS Week, Senior Editor at Unix Today, as well as at Federal Computer Week and Government Computer News. He was Editor of "The Report on AT&T," an independent newsletter. Along with his computer column, Mark has written opinion pieces for The Detroit News, San Francisco Examiner, The Christian Science Monitor and The Washington Times, and has covered spot news for various trade publications and Christianity Today. His first book, WordPerfect 3.5 For Macs For DummiesR was published at the end of 1995 by IDG Books Worldwide. IDG Books also published his second book, God on the Internet in 1996. This profusely illustrated, easy-to-read book was a comprehensive guide to spiritual resources online, and featured a foreword by General Paul A. Rader, international leader of The Salvation Army, an evangelical organization.