The mission of the World Journalism Institute is to recruit, equip, place and encourage journalists who are Christians.The Nicene Creed is the basic creedal statement of the Institute, and our theological understandings suggest several practices:

  1. We believe that all people are created in the image of God and should therefore be treated with respect and integrity. Even those with whom we have profound disagreement deserve our kindness, respect and fairness in presentation. The Christian in journalism should seek justice, liberty and fulfillment for all people.

  2. We believe in the spiritual fall of all humanity, which has affected our moral and rational judgments. Beliefs and experiences influence story development, so all journalists make value judgments. Christians believe the Bible teaches us about God, the world He created, and our own human nature, so the Christian journalist should follow the Bible and be fair, accurate, honest, and humble in chasing a story.

  3. We believe in a personal God who is sovereign over the affairs of this world: The Christian journalist therefore should be fearless in presenting truth even when it reflects negatively on some Christian organizations or individuals. Factual accuracy in news reporting is the bedrock of journalism. When reporters and editors tell the truth, they serve the public honorably and well.

  4. Christians in journalism, if asked about beliefs and convictions, should have the freedom to answer any question in a warm-hearted and gracious manner without fear of professional or personal reprisal.