19 05

WJI 2021, Day 3 PM - Meeting Deadlines

During the 2 p.m. session, we had the Writing Workshop class, with Mr. Russ Pulliam where we discussed and worked on profiles. Each member of the class was paired with one other student, where we would then interview each other for the profile articles exercise that was due just two hours later. There was a challenge to get the draft completed by the deadline, but it was manageable. Once we completed our profile article, we then submitted them by email to the editor, Mr. Pulliam.

After the writing workshop, the class went over to Mr. Mark Volkers class: Telling Stories Through Video. Again, we paired up with a partner and practiced with Adobe Premiere, which was new and exciting for the whole class.

After working on Adobe Premiere and the class had come to an end, we headed to the cafeteria and got to converse over dinner with our WJI instructors.

After dinner, we started our 7 p.m. class called Meeting Journalists from the World. We got to meet World Magazine reporter Leah Hickman over a video conference call. It was an interesting Zoom meeting because reporter Hickman provided helpful resources, and at the end of the presentation the class got to ask the visiting journalist questions.

As the day began to come to an end at 8 p.m., we did our News Huddle where we were able to play a game to get to know our fellow WJIers. To conclude the day, Mr. Pitts presented one of his daily Pitts P’s. The first one was “Perseverance.”

-Bonny McClendon