19 05

WJI 2021, Day 5 AM - Questioning Questions

“Why ask questions?” That is the question—not Hamlet’s but Mikayla’s.

I don’t ask a lot of questions. I blame it on my tendency for low blood sugar. Ideally, I eat food every hour. You won’t catch me without some potato chips or a protein bar. I’ve been known to pull a whole cinnamon raisin bagel out of my purse. You never know, I might have some cream cheese in my pocket. My point—and excuse— is, when my mouth is full of cinnamon raisin bagel, I can’t ask questions very well, right?

This morning, WJIers attended a mock press conference hosted by Alliance Defending Freedom. We had the opportunity to ask questions about the Uzuegbunam v. Preczewski Supreme Court case. Afterwards, the lawyers gave us feedback on our performance and questions.

We received pointers like “prepare and know your questions,” “seek truth” and “build relationships.” I’m realizing these pointers are valuable for more than future press conferences.

Questions require humility. They show that we are the ones without the knowledge and experience.

I prefer to learn by sitting back and observing. But questions enhance learning. They dig deeper than the surface of observation.

Questions build relationships. They require mindful preparation and active participation and encourage us to learn from, about, and with others. When followed by intentional listening, questions show that we care about others and their stories.

Questions grow faith. As we seek answers and seek truth, faith in and relationships with the Lord can only strengthen.

Interviews of strangers, press conferences, and new friendships—all packed into a couple weeks—are forcing me to see the purpose of, and beauty in, questions. I look forward to the rest of WJI as I learn from questions and learn to ask them. For now, the important question is: does anyone know where I can get a toasted bagel with strawberry cream cheese?

- Mikayla Kuckel